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Maribor 2007

4th - 7th of July 2007

Sandi Bitenc
Andrej Furman
Mitja & Jure

H2O team is a small team of water enthusiasts from Maribor, Slovenia. Our main goal is to inform the larger public about the sport of freediving and spearfishing laying great stress on safety.

H2O team has been established as a section of a larger diving club, Diving Club Maribor (PDM) in 1996, although spearfishing and finswimming have been carried out since the founding of the club in 1976. In 1996 also freediving as a sport has become one of the regular activities in PDM and therefore a separate section has been established. The main initiators back then have been Gregor Marinič (Kuli), Tomaž Urbančič (Tomsy) and Andrej Furman.

In 2004 a new group with fresh ideas and strive after competition results have taken the lead role in H2O team. Still with Andrej Furman as the trainer Sandi Bitenc, Jure Daić and Mitja Štamfer started competing. In 2005 a new web page has been set up, becoming the best freedving web page in Slovenia.

H2O team also organized freediving competition, naming them Maribor Apnea Days cup or MAD cup as well as the national championships in 2005 and 2006.

In 2006 H2O team has become large enough and has separated from its mother club and is now a club of its own called: Club H2O team.

H2O team results:

Sandi Bitenc – NCh DYN+DNF+STA 2005 – NR DYN (154m)

Mitja Štampfer – NCh DYN & DNF 2005 – NR DNF (125m)

Jure Daić – NCh STA 2005