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Maribor 2007

4th - 7th of July 2007

Registration & fees

Registration is required for all competitors, coaches and reserves!

For late registration questions please contact us on

Late registration still possible till Tuesday 3rd of July 2007 13.00.

Until registration deadline you have to state the number of starts and the fees have to be paid. The fees have to be fully paid on registration deadline. All payment received after registration deadlines as all changes in number of starts will be charged with higher fees (see table below). No exceptions will be made!

You have to fill in the competitor names not later than 10th of June 2007. After this date registration will be disabled. You can still switch between competitors and registered reserves until verification on 3rd of July. This will not be charged with fees.

All cancellations received before registration deadline (10th of May) will be refunded in full except refunding costs. Cancellations received after registration deadline will not be refunded.


date payed competitors
/per start
and reserves
farewell dinner for
10.5.2007 €22 €20 €15
1.6.2007 €50 €40 €20
20.6.2007 €100 €80 €25
at competition €150 €120 €30

How many competitors can I register?

You can register up to 24 competitors (3 disciplines x 4 competitors x 2 genders). There is also possible to register fewer competitors and still get all 24 starts (a competitor can start in all 3 disciplines). Note that fees are paid per start and not per competitor.

How many coaches and reserves can I register?

You can register as many as you like. Note that you have to pay the coaches or reserves fee for every person you register. Also note that reserves won’t get access to the warm-up and starting area and that only one coach per competitor will be allowed at the pool.

How about accommodation?

Accommodation has to be booked and payed until registration deadline, 10th of May. After that day we can not guarantee free rooms. Read more about accommodation.


The registration fee, witht any cost to the beneficiary, has to be paid to the following address:

Društvo H2O team

Vajngerlova ulica 11

2000 Maribor


The payment should state:
  • the country the you are paying the fees for

  • what fees you are paying (starting fees, accommodation, transfers or letter of invitation)

Paying from Slovenia:

Bank name: NLB d.d., poslovalnica Maribor

Account Nr.: 02280-0255799113

Paying from foregin countries

Bank Name: Nova ljubljanska banka d.d., Trg republike 2, 1520 Ljubljana, Slovenia

IBAN: SI56022800255799113


A payPal account will not be set up because lack of interest (only 4 countries have answered our questions about PayPal positively).

The competitor registration fee includes:

  • attendance to official trainings,

  • start for the discipline qualifications and finals (if qualified),

  • identification badge (per competitor),

  • T-shirt (per competitor),

  • results bulletin (per national team),

  • farewell dinner (per competitor).

The coaches registration fee includes:

  • access to the pool at official trainings,

  • access to the pool during athletes warm-up and performance time,

  • identification badge,

  • T-shirt,

  • farewell dinner.

All accepted registrations will be confirmed by e-mail within 5 days. If you do not receive a confirmation please contact us at imediately.