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Maribor 2007

4th - 7th of July 2007

AIDA International Judges Course - By Bill Strömberg

AIDA International Judges Course in Maribor – Slovenia July 2nd & 3rd, 2007

Maribor WC will be hosting an official AIDA International Judges Course lead by Bill Stromberg, President of AIDA International on Monday, July 2nd and Tuesdays, July 3rd 2007.

I would like to remind all AIDA nations and their members that this course is a requirement for becoming a Level E Judge. Level E Judges are mandatory for national competitions to be recognized in the official AIDA International Ranking List.

An E-Level-Judge is also allowed to work as an Assistant Judge at world record attempts and at higher ranked competitions. The course will principally be held in English. Naturally, all athletes are more than welcome to attend the course - this knowledge could be your competitive advantage!

Cost: 195 EURO

  • This includes materials, classroom, pool.

  • The AIDA Internationals 50 EURO fee and card package is not incl.

To be eligible for the course you must:

  • Be at least 21 years old

  • Have experience as an athlete, coach or safety freediver at an official AIDA competition

  • Have a current First Aid and CPR Certificate

The course content (16 hours minimum) is as follows:

  • Introduction to AIDA philosophies (1/2 hour)

  • Theory on AIDA Team Competition regulation (1 1/2 hours)

  • Theory on AIDA Individual Competition regulation (1 1/2 hours)

  • Theory on AIDA regulation for Recognition of Records (1 1/2 hours)

  • Theory on the surfacing/end of performance - Black-Out/Loss of Motor Control (2 1/2 hours)

  • Theory on dispute resolution and the AIDA Disciplinary Commission (1/2 hour)

  • Theory on disqualifications, penalties and sanctions (1/2 hour)

  • Theory on the organization of a competition and technical issues (1/2 hour)

  • Practical application on time, distance and depth determination (2 hours)

  • Practical application on the judgment of time and distance disciplines (2 hours)

  • Practical application on the judgment of depth disciplines (2 hours)

  • Practical application on in-water rescue procedures (1 hour)

For accommodations, please contact Sandi Bitenc.

Registration is made by e-mail directly to Bill Strömberg.