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One Breath, A Reflection on Freediving

‘One Breath, a reflection on freediving’ is an extraordinary journey into the heart of a sport which, once embraced, can become a way of life.

112 pages long, packed with 84 full colour photographs and with a foreword by Tim Ecott, ‘One Breath’ is a modern classic which grips from the start with a mix of memoir, history and philosophy.

A decision taken one rain-swept New Year’s Eve six years ago took Emma Farrell on a journey—during which time she gained access to a magical world of self-discovery, wonder and passion.

‘One Breath’ follows Emma into competition diving, through success and heartbreak, and finally on to becoming a world-class teacher of the sport.

Engaging and unforgettable, ‘One Breath’ takes you through the techniques and physiology of freediving, and reveals how the art of ‘true breathing’ can alter your world.

Bob Talbot, Award winning photographer and director of ‘Ocean Men’ describes it as ‘A beautifully photographed personal journey’, and Tanya Streeter, Nine times freediving world record holder, states that ‘This book might change your life’.

Captivating, beautifully written and packed with breathtaking photographs, this is the perfect book for everyone who loves the underwater world.

‘One Breath’ is priced at 19.99 and is available from

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Emma Farrell

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Text copyright © Emma Farrell 2006

Photographs copyright © Frederic Buyle 2006

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About the author, Emma Farrell

Emma Farrell has enjoyed a successful and prolific career as a film writer and director. She has won numerous prizes and awards for her work, and has taught and lectured at universities on the subject of Media Arts.

She began freediving in 2001 and is now a leading instructor of the sport, and one of the few to teach children as well as adults. People come from all over the world to attend her courses— which operate both in the UK and abroad. Emma has written numerous articles on the subject of freediving, and she co-wrote the world’s first freediving log book. She chaired the British Freediving Association for two years and is currently part of an International Education Workgroup establishing standards and course content. She has been head of Freediving Education for since 2004.

Emma has practised lyengar yoga for many years and is a registered reflexologist. She has devised and taught courses on reflexology for diving, breathing for diving, and breath awareness. She lives in the West Country.

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About the photographer, Frederic Buyle

A world champion freediver and teacher for many years, and now a photographer who has been published across the globe, Frederic Buyle is unique in his vision and approach. His philosophy is to only take pictures whilst freediving himself, using just the natural light available to him, and to never change the image or direct his subject.

On a single breath Fred will disappear under the ice of the North Pole or fifty-five metres beneath the waves to capture images that reveal to us the beauty of the underwater world through the eye of an artist.

When being photographed for ’One Breath’, the author was instructed not to do anything differently. ‘Just play around, have fun,’ Fred told her. In so doing, he allowed Emma the freedom to be herself under the water, and this gentle treatment of all his subjects has resulted in the beautiful photography that we have in this book.

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Emma Farrell
Emma Farrell
Emma Farrell
Emma Farrell
Frederick Buyle
Frederick Buyle