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Maribor 2007

4th - 7th of July 2007

H2O team calendar 2008

H2O team has released its first calendar. More info and orders at


We are sorry to announce that we will not be selling the WCh DVD's. The DVD production has been finished but, due to technical problems with cameras, does not meet the H2O team high quality standards. We will try and upload some scenes on this website.

At this point I would like to point out that the next years MAD CUP will be dedicated to video production. The MAD CUP 2008 will take place on 7th and 8th of March 2008, the website will be up and running soon and registrations will be open from 14th of January.

You still can get CD's with WCh pictures.

More info at!

Photos and DVD

CD's with 163 high resolution underwater photos are availiable. You can get them for 55€. For further info contact Sandi.

A DVD will be ready in august. Preorders on

In the next days we will be publishing short clips from the competition on this website.


Results are available on the "results" page. Different disciplines are on different submenu pages found on the green zone just below the main menu. You can also download all results here.

World's best

Last week we got some new world's best freedivers. We got 6 new world champions and 4 new world records.

The best where:

Dynamics with fins (DYN)

01 Stig Severinsen DK 216m 108,0 p
02 Alexey Molchanov RU 213m 106,5 p |NR|
03 William Winram CA 203m 101,5 p |NR|

01 Natalia Molchanova RU 205m 102,5 p |WR| |NR|
02 Elisabeth Kristoffersen NO 174m 87,0 p |NR|
03 Karla Fabrio HR 169m 84,5 p |NR|

Statics (STA)

01 Nicolas Guerry CH 7'34'' 90,8 p |NR|
02 Tomek Bryl PL 7'15'' 87,0 p |NR|
03 Peter Boivie SE 7'10'' 86,0 p |NR|

01 Natalia Molchanova RU 8'00'' 96,0 p |WR| |NR|
02 Lotta Ericson SE 6'49'' 81,8 p |NR|
03 Jessica Wilson US 6'00'' 72,0 p

Dynamics without fins (DNF)

01 Stig Severinsen DK 186m 93,0 p |NR| |WR|
02 Alexey Molchanov RU 157m 78,5 p |NR|
03 Naoyuki Tominaga JP 157m 78,5 p |NR|

01 Natalia Molchanova RU 149m 74,5 p |NR| |WR|
02 Alena Zabloudilova CZ 133m 66,5 p |NR|
03 Karla Fabrio HR 125m 62,5 p |NR|


Competition End

All good things come to an end they say and so did the WCh in Maribor. We had a great time with exceptional results. H2O team would like to thank all the competitors for their effort and almost 300 great performances, judges for their good judgement as we had only 2 serious protest, our safeties that saved all the performacne blackouts and LMC's, cameramen that filmed almost 40 MiniDV tapes, time keepers for their 700 timed minutes, informants for pointing the competitors to their places, speakers, computer tehniciant, doctors, photographers, designers, friend, friends friends, spectators and of course a big thanks to our sponsors.

Thank you all and see you on the next competition.

Gallery updated


We added new pictures from all events which happened till now. For the last event (DNF Finals) they will be putted after its finished.

Gallery updated

We added new pictures from promenade and opening ceremony of AIDA WCh and also pictures from DYN qualifications which happened today. You can check them in Gallery.


Today we had the openen ceremony. First we gathered at Drava dorms and walked the streets of Maribor to the Veèer stage at Lent festival. There the president of the organizing committee Sandi Bitenc, AIDA president Bill Stromberg and the vice mayor of Maribor mr. Andrej Verliè had a short speech and officialy declared the competition as opened.

Afterwards a reception for country selectors has been organized in the House of old wine.
More pictures will be available tommorow.

Starting lists DYN

Starting lists for DYN qualification are published. We aslo moved the "Excursions" under "Local & Travel".

One day to go

Just a quick update. Athletes are ariving every day and the dorms are almost full. We had 2 nice training sessions today. Also Herbert Nitsch, William Winram, Deron Verbeck, Natalia Avseenko, Elisabeth Kristoffersen, Lotta Ericson and a lot more where there. Most of the athletes where training statics and Herbert did a nice 8+.

Tommorow starting lists for DYN will be published and then the opening ceremony will begin.

Pool zones

We have updated the website with some pictures of the pool zones and areas. Please do not cross into forbiden zones to not disturb the organization or other competitors. Thank you.

Press release no. 1

You can find the first Press Release here.

Excursions gathering

For all who would like to see more of Slovenia and Maribor you can still sign up for excursions we have organized for you. There will be the possibility of signup at verification or limited possibility directly at the gathering point.

Gathering points for the first two excursions:

Sunday, 1st of July - Olimje: 12:00 at dorms Drava

Monday, 2nd of July - Bled, Postojna: 8:00 at dorms Drava

Herbert Nitch

I am pleased to annouce that Herbert Nitch will be joining us in the disciplines STA and DNF.

Herbert is the world deepest man. He set the recort in the catergory no limits with 214m just a few days back. He also held the WR in statics in the begginig of this year with 9min 4sec.

The official WC forum


Please visit the World Championships forum:

Read about the adventure park and take part in the "quiz".

Airport transfers

We have set up a table of all airport transfer reservations. Please look up your pickup times. The table if for transportation to Maribor only. You make arrangements for the way back with the driver directly.

If you have not found your name on the list please contact immediately!

WCh commercial

In the following days you will be able to hear a commercial (Slovene language only) for the AIDA World Championship. We thank our media sponsor Radio City for making this possible.

Sponsors and assistants

We have updated our sponsors and organizer web pages. Please appreciate their contribution as there would be no competition without their help.

One Breath

We will be giving away 6 books "One breath" by Emma Farrell. The books will be hand signed by the author and are a must have for all dedicated freedivers. You can read more about the book here.

Anthropological characteristic of freedivers


Measuring the anthropological characteristic of world’s top freedivers we will analyze the results and try to expose the universal anthropological characteristics of freedivers that have appeared with most subjects. With this we will try to find the physical predispositions that some individuals in this sport have and at the same time give athletes and their coaches insight in essential anthropological characteristics that should be considered training freedivers.

Two of our team members will be carrying out the measurements during the competition. We kindly ask you to participate. The results will be published on this website.

Meal schedule in Drava dorms

We have set up a meal schedule in the official accommodation at Drava dorms.


07.00 - 09.00
All days


13.00 - 15.00
All days


19.00 - 21.00
All days except:
18.00 - 19.00
Tuesday 3rd of July
20.00 - 21.30 Thursday 5th of July

Lent festival

Some of you may already have started counting down the day till the World Championship in Maribor but for the other it is only more days till the first start. I hope you are training hard and are ready for some serious performances.

As already mentioned the WCh will run alongside one of the biggest festivals in Europe, the Lent Festival. The festival begins tomorrow and the website is updated with the latest programme.

What it offers? Alot! For me the best part are the long walks along the Drava river stopping at street performances and other stages. There will be 20 different stages filled with performances for 16 days. Lots of music, theater, movie, dance, folclore, sports, children, literar and other events will be visited by over half a million people. And of course the AIDA World Championship 2007 will be part of it, just take a look at sports even calendar.

One of the main events will be the Folkart folclore event, starting 26th of June. Interesting to see the cultural treasures of world's countries and their differences. Folkart will close with a big fireworks on 30th of June 23:45.

If you wonder what the weather is like in Maribor I can tell you it's really hot these days. We have over 30oC but the forecast says it will drop a little in the next days so it should be nice and warm. You can see the 15 days forecast for Maribor here.

See you soon...

Judge change

We had a last minute judge change. One of the judges, Nicolas Laporte canceled due to personal reasons. His place took the next on the list, Jonas Andersson from Sweden.

Excursion booking form

The excursion booking form is now available. The booking deadline is 25th of June so hurry up.

WCh logos

We have uploaded the World Championship logos. Feel free to use them as you like but please do not change them.

The logos are in color, duotone and grey. CDR versions for print are also attached.

New WR by Herbert Nitsch

A few minutes ago Herbert Nitsch (Austria) dove to be the deepest man on one breath of air ever. He dove to 214m in 4 minutes 24 seconds. You can see the dive profile below. The profile is an estimate of the dive from 3 Suuntos dive computers that worked well at this depths as on the other hand 2 Liquivision F1 dive computers broke down before reaching 200m.

There will be a video of this dive published soon on

Original news: AIDA International

Stig does 225m DYN


Stig Severinsen from Denmark just did an excellent and amazing new world record of 225 meters dynamic with fins during the Aarhus Triple Challenge competition that is going on this weekend in Denmark, setting a new world record by 2 meters. Excellent result and Stig is in top shape. Yesterday evening he already did a very good 8:40 min static. Stig will also be competing on the World Championship.

Competitor details

On the in-list you will now find links to detailed information about competitors.

In the following days there will also be published some countries details.

In List

As promised we published the In List. We will start adding detailed information about some competitors so check the list frequently.

This is not the final list! The list may change till verification.

Press accreditations

All press at the pool has to be accredited. For accreditation please fill out the accreditation form.

Last day for the medium fee

Today is the deadline for the second wave of registrations with middle fees so if you still have not registered or payed contact us ASAP at

In the last 14 days 2 more countries have registered so we now have 25 countries and over 130 competitors. 2 countries are still in the registration process.

The in-list will be published on June 10th after the registrations will close (registrations with personal contact still possible).

Short video report on our last MAD CUP

Žiga did some work on the video footage he shot during our last MAD CUP competition so you can see the atmosphere at the pool. The video can be found here.

Registration updates

Hi freedivers

We are now good 2 weeks over the small fee registration deadline and there are 23 countries registered and confirmed till today. Also 115 different athletes have been registered, 73 male and 42 female and by the ratio 1,7:1 it look like it is going to be the WCh of women. There are also almost 100 starts in every discipline registered.

We still have some free starting places left so if you are not allready registered do so until the medium fee deadline until 1st of June. Else it is going to be very expensive.

Small fee deadline in 2 days

We would like call your attention on the small fee registration deadline. If you would like to take advantage of the cheaper registration fees you have to register your atheletes and pay the fees untill thursday, 10th of May.

Registration will still be possible after this date but you will be charged higher fees.

Registration deadline extended

The registration deadline has been extended till 10th of May. After this date higher fees will be charged.

We would also like to announce that we won't be available from friday, 27th April till thursday 3rd of May. Please note that we will not be able to answer your e-mails.

Judges Course

A judges course will be organized in Maribor on 2nd and 3rd of July by Bill Stromberg. More info here.

Social activities

Excursions will be organized during the WCh. There are lots of beautiful places to see in Slovenia. We have picked out some of the best for you. Take a look...

Tragical accident - Loic Leferme


A well respected and appreciated freediver died today in a tragical accident while performing a no-limits training dive. The report says that the cord was blocked by something unknown and prohibited Loic to return to the surface. After the rescuers got him to the surface it was already to late and he was not responding to any first aid.

Loic was one of the world’s best freedivers. He held the no-limits world record with 171m before Herbert Nitch surpassed him.

Rest in peace Loic…

Athletes with Wild Cards

The following athletes have Wild Cards for the World Championships in Maribor:


  1. SIETAS Tom GER (sta, dnf)

  2. KINNUNEN Timo FIN (sta)

  3. SEVERINSEN Stig Aavall DEN (sta, dyn)

  4. NITSCH Herbert AUT (sta)

  5. KURRA Simo FIN (sta)

  6. SHINOMIYA Ryuzo JPN (sta)

  7. NEUGEBAUER Wolfram GER (sta)

  8. BREW Guy NZL (sta)

  9. VERBECK Deron USA (sta)

  10. TZANERAKIS Alexandros GRE (sta)

  11. LARSEN Henning DEN (dyn, dnf)

  12. MOLCHANOV Alexey RUS (dyn, dnf)

  13. STEYN Walter AUS (dyn, dnf)

  14. PEDERSEN Peter DEN (dyn)

  15. SORALAHTI Eero FIN (dyn)

  16. VALA Petr CZE (dyn)

  17. MULLINS David NZL (dyn)

  18. WILLIAMS Anthony NZL (dyn)

  19. WINRAM William CAN (dyn, dnf)

  20. THOMPSON Marcus NZL (dnf)

  21. ZLATUSKA Petr CZE (dnf)

  22. ROLLAND Claude FRA (dnf)

  23. DI FRANCISCO Augustin ARG (dnf)

  24. COOPE Daniel GBR (dnf)


  1. MOLCHANOVA Natalia RUS (sta, dyn, dnf)

  2. MEYER Karoline Mariechen BRA (sta)

  3. WILSON Jessica USA (sta)

  4. KRISTOFFERSEN Elisabeth NOR (sta, dyn)

  5. AVSEENKO Natalia RUS (sta, dyn)

  6. BRISENO Annabel USA (sta, dnf)

  7. ERICSON Lotta SWE (sta)

  8. SAARI-LINDSTRÖM Susanna FIN (sta, dnf)

  9. PANTAZI Ariana CYP (sta)

  10. MCPHEE Kathryn NZL (sta, dnf)

  11. KENSINGTON Suzy NZL (dyn, dnf)

  12. SAARI-LINDSTRÖM Susanna FIN (dyn)

  13. JOHNSEN Eva Tommerup DEN (dyn, dnf)

  14. NORDBLAD Johanna FIN (dyn, dnf)

  15. ENEDAHL-MEKKI Yamina SWE (dyn, dnf)

  16. BANEGAS Brigitte FRA (dyn)

  17. SLOVENÈÍKOVÁ Jarmila CZE (dyn, dnf)

  18. DEPKA Agata POL (dnf)

If you are in the upper list please contact us on the If you know somebody from the list please inform them about this.

Wild Card for AIDA top 10 - correction


Today we received the news that the Top Ten athletes from the AIDA Ranking list 2006 in each discipline have a wild card for the AIDA World Championship in Maribor.

This means that the mentioned athletes can register without the approval of their National AIDA and do not have to go through the selection process. It also means that the those countries will be able to have more than 4 competitors in each discipline, male and female.

Registration & fees

A new section has been opened describing the registration and fees in detail. Please look it up at "registration & fees". For any further questions don't hasitate to contact us at

Judges selected

The vote for the judges judging on the upcoming World Championship is over. The selected judges are:

  • Nicolas Laporte, SUI, Judge A (22 votes)

  • Marcello de Matteis, ITA, Judge A (18 votes)

  • Bill Strömberg, SWE, Judge A (16 votes) - judge president

  • Grant W. Graves, USA, Judge A (15 votes) - judge vice president

  • Ute Geßmann, GER, Judge C (14 votes)

  • Kimmo Lahtinen, FIN, Judge E (12 votes)

  • Melita Adany, CRO, Judge E (10 votes)

  • Jorg Jansen, NED, Judge C (10 votes)

Dimitris Vassilakis, GRE, Judge A got 18 votes, but is no longer availiable for judging on the WCh in Maribor.


The info number for accommodation in Drava has been changed. If you wan't to book your accommodation please use your username and password to login and book accommodation from our intranet registration. This is the only way we can guaranee you rooms.

MAD CUP 2007


The MAD CUP 2007 went well and as it was a rehearsal for the World Championships this promises a really good competition in July. On the MAD CUP there were 43 competitors from 13 countries and the results were at the highest level. A 200+ DYN and a 150+ DNF performances were the highlight. You can find more about the MAD CUP at

Turn out the lights. Let Earth rest…


A group of environment activists called Alliance for the Planet have launched an action against excessive energy consumption. H2O team supports this action and its cause so we ask all the people of the World to turn out their lights on 1st of February between 19.55 and 20.00 hour and let Earth rest for at least 5 minutes. This is a global movement against pollution cause by energy consumption that should draw attention of the world “leaders” and show them it is time they take such matters serious and start thinking about pollution and global warming.

No matter where, when, why… All happens on planet Earth! Therefore recycle, economize, preserve, warn others. Earth is also your planet!

Small registration clarification

In addition to te fees and registration dates found at competition info, please note that changing registration only implies adding a person or changing a persons personal information. You can switch between competitors and reserves till verification on 3rd of July. This change will not be charged with higher fees.

AIDA guidelines for Sled Diving


Today AIDA has published guidelines for assisted apnea disciplines (no limits and variable weight). AIDA has decided to prepare this guidelines after a serious incident of Carlos Coste on training for a World Record attempt in no limits.


Guidelines have been produced by Grant W. Graves and Bill Strömberg, with consultants: Dr. John Fitz-Clarke, Dr. R.W. Hamilton, Dr. Peter Lindholm, Claude Chapuis, Pim Vermeulen, Eric Fattah, Sebastien Murat and Herbert Nitsch.

You find the guidelines at AIDA international website.

Competition athlete limits risen

The first competition limit set at 3 competitors per sex per county has been risen by 1. The new limit is 4 athletes per sex per country.

EURO in Slovenia


Since 1st of January 2007 Slovenia is part of the European Monetary Union. The old Slovenian currency SIT is gone and EURO is here as the national currency. It should make your visit a lot easier as EUR is now widely accepted.

New info on accommodation

New info for official accommodation is availiable on the accommodation page. There are some pictures, prices and other info availiable.

Changes to registration deadlines

Registration deadlines have been extedned. Higher fees have to be payed for registrations after 1st of May 2007 though. You can look up the new info in competition info.

MAD CUP 2007

H2O team is organizing the annual MAD CUP competition on 2nd and 3rd of March this year. The competition will be run in the same pool and infrastructure as the World Championship in July so anybody wanting to test test the pool, too feel the water, to get to know the organizers are welcome to apply.

More info and registration at:

New WR for Herbert Nitsch

Yesterday Herbert Nitch add another World Record to his list. He held his breath for amazing 9 minutes and 4 seconds, beating the previous record by 4 seconds.

After the constant weight record he set on saturday going 111 meters deep and the no-limits record in September with 183 meters he confirms his great shape and again becomes the best freediver in the world.

Congratulations Herbert!

Today also William Winram wanted to set the CNF record for the third time but the attempt was canceled because the line has been cut before the start and would require new measuring. Too bad the safeties where allread in the water and couldn't wait that long.

Website relaunch

Now that the Team WCh in Hurgada is over we are planing relaunching our website in the beginning of January 2007 with the possibility to register and a sligtly new look.

Team WCh Hurgada 2006

The team world championships are over. After some organizational problems in Egypt the finala results can be found here. In short the team results were:

pos. Country CW STA DYN Total
1. Denmark
206,0 239,2 262,0 707,2
2. Czech Republic 240,0 204,4 241,0 685,4
3. France 220,0 224,0 230,5 674,5

pos. Country CW STA DYN Total
1. Russia
193,0 211,2 208,5 612,7
2. Sweden 179,0 172,2 190,5 541,7
3. Canada 165,0 187,2 180,0 532,2

Congratulations to all compettitors!

New World Record in DNF

On Saturday 12th of August, Tom Sietas has set a new world record in Dynamic Without Fins discipline. The record was done in a pool in an event called Deutcher Ring Aquatics.

Tom being the curent World Champion and multiple World record holder is one of the favourites for winning the 2007 World Championships.

Lent Festival ends

Today Lent festival has ended with big fireworks.

For more info or just some pictures from the Festival wisit

AIDA Assembly Votes on the WC


The final votes on whether Maribor is to organize the next Individual World Championship in 2007 went very well.

The Assembly voted with 14 votes in favor and 4 votes against Maribor and 2 additional “YES” came a bit too late to count in the official results.

So its official now: Maribor and H2O team will host the next 2007, INDOOR-Individual World Championship (DYN-STA-DNF).

Welcome to Slovenia everybody.

Lent Festival 2006 begins

Today Lent Festival 2006 has opened. In the next 2 weeks there will be more than half a million people and over 400 shows, happening in the old part of Maribor by river Drava.


Next years AIDA WC will be organized in the second week of the festival therefore giving you a unique occasion to visit both, the Championships and one of the biggest festivals in Europe.


You can read more about Lent festival on their official website.

World Championship Webpages set-up

One day before opening of Lent festival 2006 we have set up the AIDA Individual Pool World Championships 2007 web pages. The WC will be organized within next years Lent festival from 4th to 7th of July 2007.

The information on this page will be updated frequently so keep visiting us. There will also be a on-line registration form set up at least 2 moths before registration deadline.

If you have any questions you can't find on the Website pleas contact us at

We wish you a very warm welcome in Slovenia next year.