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AIDA World
Maribor 2007

4th - 7th of July 2007

1. Rules

AIDA indoor-individual World Championship 2007 will follow the AIDA Regulations – Version 11.2.

You can download the regulations in your preferred language:

2. Who may participate

All countries affiliated with AIDA can send their athletes. Countries not affiliated with AIDA have to pay 100 EUR additional registration fee to AIDA international (per country).

Competition limit is 4 participants per country per sex.

3. Swimming pool

Dimensions: 50x25 m

Depth: 2 - 2,2 m

Lanes: 8+2 lanes

Water temperature: 26oC

Address: Indoor swimming pool PRISTAN, Koroška 33, Maribor, Slovenia

  • DYN will be following the 50 m direction of the pool.

  • DNF will be following the 25 m direction of the pool.

The 0,2 m drop is barely notable and it goes from the start till the middle of the pool and then back up again. The drop is only in 50 m direction.

Adjustments will be made for static to get standing height between 1,2 and 1,3 m.

In the 25m direction the pool edge is flat with water. In the 50m direction the pool has 50 cm high edge. A stair is 1,3m below the surface. Handles for comfortable start will be available. Watch where you touch on turns. Touching below the stair will give you -1m.

4. Heats

The DYN qualification heats will be made with 4 lanes starting every 8 minutes.

For dynamic apnea with fins the zones will be:

  • lanes 1+2+7+8 performance zone

  • lanes 3+4+5+6 warm-up zone

  • lanes A+B clear zone

The DNF qualification heats will be made with 6 lanes starting every 8 minutes.

For dynamic apnea without fins the zones will be:

  • lanes A+B+C+D+E+F performance zone

  • others warm-up zone

  • lanes 1+2 clear zone

The dynamic final heats will be made with 8 lanes starting every 15 minutes.

For dynamic final heats the zones will be:

  • lanes 1-8 (A-H) performance zone

  • lanes A+B (1+2) warm-up zone

Static qualification and final heats will be made with 8 lanes starting every 14 minutes. Every performance zone will have a warm-up zone right next to it.

DYN pool zones DNF pool zones STA pool zones

5. Safety

Organizer will provide special trained safety divers.

For DYN discipline there will be 2 safety divers per performance lane. For DNF and STA discipline there will be 1 safety diver per performance lane.

Everybody is allowed to bring their own safety diver and coach.

At least two doctors will be present during the competition certified as Emergency Medical Technician and oxygen provider. An oxygen unit will be available during the whole competition.

The facilities are easily accessible by emergency vehicles and ambulance that will be present during the competition. The main hospital is only 3 minutes away.

6. Judges and Jury

The following judges have been selected by the freediving nations:

  • Bill Strömberg, SWE, Judge A - judge president

  • Grant W. Graves, USA, Judge A - judge vice president

  • Marcello de Matteis, ITA, Judge A

  • Ute Geßmann, GER, Judge C

  • Kimmo Lahtinen, FIN, Judge E

  • Melita Adany, CRO, Judge E

  • Jorg Jansen, NED, Judge C

  • Jonas Andersson, SWE, Judge B

7. World Record Status

As the event is categorized as an International AIDA event it will have World Record status. There will be 3 AIDA level A judges, doping test, medical staff required for doping test and official tapes, required for recognition of world records.

Best competitors in each discipline will be subject to doping test. After the last competition on Saturday, 7th of July at 17.15 at the pool. Also random doping tests can be carried out on any competitor.

8. Competition categories and disciplines

Absolute category (M and F separated) - age group born not younger then 1991 or 1993 with written parent consent.


  • Static apnea (STA)

  • Dynamic apnea with fins (DYN)

  • Dynamic apnea without fins (DNF)

9. Scoring

For scoring AIDA rules will be applied.

For dynamic disciplines:

  • 1 meter in distance = 0.5 points.

In dynamic apnea, the performance is rounded down to the nearest 0.5 point.

For static apnea:

  • 1 seconds of immersion = 0.2 points,

In static apnea, the performance is rounded down to the nearest 0.2 point.

All performances will be added to the AIDA ranking list.

10. Rewarding

  • all competitors will receive diplomas,

  • first three competitors (M and W) in each discipline will receive medals,

  • 2 Miele vacuum cleaners,

  • 3 Nikon digital cameras,

  • 6 books "One breath" signed by Emma Farrell and

  • other practical prizes will be given away.

11. Registration & Fees

Registration is required for all competitors, coaches and reserves!

You can find detailed information on registration under "registration & fees".

12. Verification

On verification:

  • personal identification card or passport and

  • medical certification of non contraindication to freediving (not older than 12 months)

have to be shown.

Verification is required for all competitors and will be on Monday 2nd of July from 19.00 till 22.00 and on Tuesday 3rd of July from 13.00 to 15.00 at the official accommodation.

13. Accommodation & airport transfer

Accommodation info can be found here.

Organizer can provide transfer from airports.
Transfer costs (one way) are:

  • Graz 49 EUR,

  • Zagreb 85 EUR,

  • Brnik (Ljubljana) 90 EUR,

  • Wienna 190 EUR,

  • Trieste 190 EUR.

The transport cost are per transport (car, van or bus up to 60 persons) and are payable on site. Organizer will try and set you up groups to make it possible for you to split the costs.
The official WCh carrier is:

LEKSUS d.o.o.

Sora 50 c

1215 Medvode

Phone: +386 (0) 590 24 24 2

FAX: +386 (0) 590 24 24 3

Mobile +386 (0) 40 771 771


14. Performance Announcements, Event Committees & Starting lists

Performance announcements:
  • Tuesday 2nd of July 12.30 - 13.00 (DYN qual. - at Drava dorms)

  • Wednesday 3rd of July 15.00 - 15.30 (STA qual.)

  • Wednesday 3rd of July 20.00 - 20.30 (DYN finals)

  • Thursday 4th of July 13.30 - 14.00 (DNF qual. & STA finals)

  • Friday 5th of July 20.00 - 20.30 (DNF finals)

Performances are announced in written form stating first and last name of the competitor, discipline and AP. Please use capital letters. Written forms are relayed by the national selector to the info desk at the pool (only on Tuesday at Drava dorms).

Event committees will be held on the evening prior the competition discipline. Attendance by all national selectors is obligatory.

The starting list will be set up by announced performances. Best announcement starts last.

Official starting lists will be announced on the event committee the evening prior the competition discipline. Official starting lists will be hanged out at the pool, on the board at the official accommodation and the official website.

Please note that the competitor has to be in the official competition zone at least 45 minutes prior his start. Special personnel will be appointed to the official zone and will check for competitor presence. The competitors are not allowed to leave the official zone within those 45 minutes unsupervised. Any violation of this will result in disqualification of the competitor from the event.

In case a competitor does not show up on start without a reasonable excuse, he/she will be disqualified from the competition.

15. Protests

According AIDA rules the protest have to be handed in within maximum 15 minutes after the incident or within maximum 15 minutes after publishing of results. Protest handed in after 15 minutes will not be accepted.

Please use this official form for all protests. A deposit of 50 EUR will be requested with the correctly filled protest form.

16. Results

Results will be published 1 hour after all protests of the discipline have been resolved. All results will be published at the pool, on the board at the official accommodation and the official website

17. (Multi)Media

On site wireless internet access point will be available. Team/national captains can request the means of access at the verification desk.

Official media sponsor is Radio City 100,6 and 100,8 MHz and will provide pre- and post- media coverage as well as coverage directly form the competition.

There will also be at least 4 biggest Slovenian TV stations covering the event.

Video and photo coverage will be provided and a DVD will be available within a few weeks after the competition. You can request the DVD at the verification.

The official UW photographer will be Dejan Šarman. His photos will be available on the Farewell dinner for 55€. You can see some of his UW pictures on his website.

Only special assigned personnel are allowed to take underwater footage and pictures during official events.

18. Competition schedule

Available here.

We ask all teams to bring their national flag.

For more information contact:

  • e-mail:

  • phone: +386 (0)41 349 580 (Sandi Bitenc - general info)

  • fax: +386 (0)2 6292 555 (for Sandi Bitenc)

  • phone: +386 (0)31 314 322 (Mihela Gostenčnik - press)