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Maribor 2007

4th - 7th of July 2007


For navigation through Europe and Slovenia you can use this link to Map24. On the map "Koroška cesta" is marked. The pool entry is from the road "Ob bregu".

For local navigation you can use this detailed and marked maps of Maribor:
MAD CUP 2007 large map

MAD CUP 2007 detailed map

More information

Slovenija is a central European country, surrounded by Austria, Croatia, Hungary and Italy. Its 20.256 km2 places it among the small countries of the world, in exactly the 150. place among 190 countries.

A good half of the country is overgrown with forests, which places it along with Finland and Sweden at the top of all European countries. Its geographical position between the Alps, Pannonian lowlands, Dinarsko mountains and Mediterranean creates a countryside with a hundred and one faces and gives the opportunity for adventure in the mountains, lowlands and seaside all at the same time in a matter of hours. The small size of the country corresponds also to the length of its seashore; we have 46 km in all, consequently Slovenia's two million inhabitants are proud and happy to share it with visitors.

Slovenia also represents a crossroad of Romance, Germanic, Finnish-Hungarian and Slavonic languages. So it is not by chance that linguists in Slovenia have discovered more than 40 dialects and different cultures. The rich variety here invites you to experience new adventures.

Maribor is the second biggest Slovene city; simultaneously it is the economic, cultural, scientific research, congress and a complete tourist centre of northeast Slovenia. It is also a traffic centre, as it is on the crossroads from west to east and southern Europe, just 11 km from the Austrian border.

It has a continental position at 275 meters above sea level lying between Pohorje, Slovene hills and Kozjak on the gravely terraces of the River Drava. Or more simply said it lies in the green embrace of Pohorje and the wine growing hills along the River Drava.

Travel information


Discovering Slovenia by car can be very comfortable. Maribor has good road connections with all neighboring countries, as well as with other places in Slovenia, among which is a wide network of modern motorways. However, let yourself be also be enticed to the side roads, which remain hidden to the hurrying travelers.

You will feel very agile here, for our country is relatively small - the journey from one end of Slovenia to the other (without otherwise exceedingly recommendable and inviting stops) will take you no more than four hours. From Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, to Maribor you need only a good hours driving (road A1/E57), from Maribor to the Austrian border just a few minutes (road A9/E57/E59), to Zagreb (road 1/E59) less than two hours, to Hungary a little longer (about 80 km) because there is no motorway connection, and from the Italian border a two and a half hour drive separates you from Maribor. In planning the shortest route from a certain place to Maribor the Slovene Automobile Association's web site, will be of great help to you and will clearly show you the journey with the calculated number of kilometers.

Entry into Maribor will be easier if you take a look at the map with clearly marked city intersections.

In Slovenia you can rent a car at rent-a-car agencies, among others also:


Train also easily reaches Slovenia.

You can travel to Maribor with different international trains. There are direct connections available with Zagreb (CRO), Rijeka (CRO), Graz (A), and Vienna (A). On some lines it is necessary to change trains in Ljubljana or Zidani Most. Nearby Pragersko, which has good train services with Maribor, also enables fast train connections with Budapest (H) and Venice(I).

Traveling by train around Slovenia can be very comfortable. It is possible to travel along the railway tracks from Ljubljana to Maribor in a little less than two hours. Trains of varied quality and class prices links Maribor also with a number of other Slovene places. Also a trip with the museum train can be both interesting and entertaining.

Slovene Railways offer a variety of home and international traveling discounts.

Transporting bikes as passenger luggage is allowed by the Slovene Railways on domestic lines on the following trains:

  • Intercity (IC), international (MV) and regional (RG) trains, which have in service luggage wagons;

  • Diesel (up to 10 bikes) and electric (up to 20 bikes) passenger trains;

  • Car trains on the relation Bohinjska Bistrica-Most na Soči-Bohinjska Bistrica has place for bicycles in a special wagon.

The price for transporting bicycles is a single price and does not depend on the distance.

So that you don't chance upon a full train, we advise you to make a telephone call to check. The number to call is: +386 (0)1 291 33 32.

If you are traveling in a group of more than ten cyclists register you trip at the station of departure at least eight days before the start of your journey. International transportation of cycles is possible only on previous agreement.

Transportation of bicycles as a consignment (unaccompanied) ask at the Collecting centre in Maribor at the address:

  • Zbirni center Maribor, Partizanska 50, 2000 Maribor, tel. +386 (0)2 292 23 22.

Railway station-information:


Maribor is connected to Zagreb (CRO), Graz (A), Belgrade (YU), Amsterdam (NL) Rotterdam (NL) and most places in Germany by regular international bus lines. Otherwise Slovene towns are connected by regular bus services to Austria, Croatia, England, France, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden and countries of the former Republic of Yugoslavia.

Maribor has also good bus services with other Slovene towns. However, it is recommended to travel by train between most Slovene places and cities, because the railway connections are more frequent and more often and also cheaper.

More information about bus services can be found on the website: or by telephone: +386 (0)1 234 46 52.

The transportation of bicycles on buses around Slovenia is possible only as accompanied luggage (handing over to the transporter as a parcel, which at the end destination is picked up by somebody) or unaccompanied luggage (travels with the owner).

Detailed information:

  • Bus Station Maribor, tel. 090/72 30 and

  • Certus Maribor, tel. +386 (0)2 300 33 00, fax +386 (0)2 300 33 83,


Maribor Airport offers regular international lines for Paris and Salzburg with the Štajerska aircraft carrier Styrian Spirit. Tickets are on sale:

  • at Maribor's tourist agencies and

  • directly at the Styrian Spirit desk at the airport.

Working hours:

  • Monday - Friday 05.30 - 12.00,

  • Reservations till 16.00 hours.

  • Saturday 05.30 - 07.15, Sunday 14.00 - 15.45


  • Tel: +386 (0) 2 629 20 32, +386 (0) 40 463 978

  • Fax: +386 (0) 2 629 60 09

  • Web site:

In the airport at the Styrian Spirit desk, you can purchase tickets for all flights with Air France that go via Charles de Gaul airport (CDG) in Paris and continue around Europe and the world. Maribor Airport is located in Slivnica, just a few kilometers from Maribor. At the airport cars can be hired via the rent-a-car companies Hertz and Avis.

Brnik Airport

Most of the air traffic in Slovenia is handled by Slovenia's international Brnik Airport, from where also flies the Slovene aircraft carrier Adria Airways. Brnik Airport is located 100 km from Maribor, which is a one and a half hour drive by car.

Nearby international airports

Maribor's nearest international airport is 40 km away in Graz (Austria). The airport in Zagreb (Croatia) is a distance of 100 km from Maribor.

You can also use Vienna (Austria 270 km) or Trieste (Italy 220 km)

Airport transfer

Organizer can provide transfer from airports.
Transfer costs (one way) are:

  • Graz 49 EUR,

  • Zagreb 85 EUR,

  • Brnik (Ljubljana) 90 EUR,

  • Vienna 190 EUR,

  • Trieste 190 EUR.

The transport cost are per transport (car, van or bus up to 60 persons) and are payable on site. Organizer will try and set you up groups to make it possible for you to split the costs.


Maribor is a continental city, but due to the small size of Slovenia it is also reachable by boat or ship.

The only regular shipping line with passenger services is the Venice-Izola line with its interesting ship the "Prince of Venice".

Those with their own boats there are three marinas to choose from:


In the city of Maribor you can park your vehicle in the blue zone, public car parks and multi-storey car parks where you can park for several hours at a time. In the city there are also organized parking spaces.

If you wish to avoid the crowds or payment of a car parking fee in the centre of town then we suggest that you park your vehicle on the edge of the city and walk to the centre or decide on taking take a bus ride, taxi or bicycle.

The Blue zone is for short time parking. Buy a parking ticket at the parking meter:

  • up to 30 min. - 0,22€

  • up to 60 min. - 0,50€

  • up to 90 min. - 0,60€

  • up to 120 min. - 0,80€

  • up to 150 min. - 1€

  • up to 180 min. - 1,20€

Open air parking for long time parking (public parking places)

Prices depend on the location of the car park. Each new hour of parking begun will cost you an additional:

  • Rakušev trg, Mlinska ul., Sodna ul., Ul. talcev, Sejmišče - hala C: 0,70€

  • Masarykova in Loška ul.: 0,90€

  • Hotel Piramida, Ul. heroja Šlandra: 0,80€

Multi-store car parks

  • City

Prices: 1 hour- 1€, 2 hours - 1,80€, 3 hours - 3,50€, whole day ticket 80€ SIT.

  • Forum


0,80€ for one hour up to 5 hours

0,40€ per hour from 6 to 10 hours

0,20€ for each hour over 11 hours

Coach parking spaces

Parking places for buses are located in the square Trg general Maister near the Maribor castle.


Cars can be rented in Maribor from different agencies:


Partizanska c. 24, Maribor, tel. +386 (0)2 228 79 10,,

  • ICAR

Mlinska ul. 28, Maribor, tel. +386 (0)2 252 22 96

  • AMZS - HERTZ PE Maribor

Zagrebska 25, Maribor, +386 (0)2 333 88 92 ali +386 (0)41 659 863


Loška ul. 13, Maribor , tel. +386 (0)41 634 653


Koseskega 13, Maribor, tel. +386 (0)41 680 940


There are several taxi services available in Maribor:

  • Radio Taxi

Free phone number: +386 (0)80 12 22, price: 0,70 €/km

  • Taxi Plus

Free phone number: +386 (0)80 11 22, price: 0,80 €/km

  • Mikro Taxi

+386 (0)2 42 15 888, +386 (0) 41 444 222, price: 0,55 €/km

  • XXL Taxi:

031/801 339, price by agreement.


Bicycles are available for hire at the Bus Station in the street - Mlinski ul. Ask at the ticket office.

Price: 2 hours - 0,80€, 4 hours - 1,80€, 6 hours - 2,50€, whole day rental - 3,30€


Tickets for city and suburb bus rides can be purchased on the buses, at numerous tobacconist's and shops. We recommend that tickets are purchased in advance of getting on a bus, as it is more expensive to buy a ticket on the bus. Tickets for 2, 6 or 20 bus rides are cheapest.

Travelers with monthly tickets have unlimited travel on all city buses as many times as they like.

More information: