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Maribor 2007

4th - 7th of July 2007

Press Accreditation Form

Accreditation is requred for all media. Only accredited media will be granted pool access. The organizer will make sure your work will not be disturbed. Please follow organizer instrudtions to not disturb the competition or athletes.

Pass Types

TV Crew with »Super Pass«

Special filming pass, most competition zones with wide acces, underwater access, acces during trainings and preparations to event (only 2 per media type). 2 cameras + 1 underwater camera allowed.

1.499,00 EUR.

TV Crew with »TV Crew Pass«

Widened acces TV Press Pass, more acces to competitiors and zones, acces to more camera angles during event (only 2 per media type). 2 cameras allowed.

1.199,00 EUR.

TV Crew with »TV Press Pass«

General TV Press Pass, certain competiton zones with limited acces allowed. 1 camera allowed.

799,00 EUR

»Free Pass«

Limited acces pass for general purpose news filming.

Acces to copetition areas will be confirmed by organizer before competition starts and will be issued on general press informations leaflets. 1 camera allowed.

Fee has to be payed 30 days prior to competiton start to organizers bank account.

Permisions will be issued in writen form.


Multimedia Coverage

Pass Type